How did I develop as a students from my first to my final year?

During my three and a half years as a student, I compromised on many things. I was quite amazed by the development I experienced during my time in Malang City. I met many human characteristics, jobs. Many people passed through my life, not many but all of them are imprinted in my memory.

In lectures, science and knowledge are easy to obtain. All the knowledge learned in lectures is quite easy to find and digest. If so, what developed in me during lectures?

As it turned out, what developed from me during college was very complex, namely attitudes, both verbal, non-verbal and thinking. I only realized this when I reflected on myself today compared to myself in the middle of 2020.

I evolved from someone who:

  1. Would avoid the company of people who didn’t share the same hobbies to someone who wanted to learn about other people’s likes.
  2. Would plan everything to simply plan big steps.
  3. Will always question everything to someone who always elaborates on new things.
  4. From someone who is lazy to open a conversation to someone who does not hesitate to open a conversation.
  5. Will have a messy desk to an organized and neat desk.
  6. Will confuse things that are not yet clear to someone who chooses to try first.
  7. Will follow the flow around to become someone who does not hesitate to choose different things.
  8. Will buy things without thinking twice into someone who will buy things if they have to.
  9. From someone who focuses on working on ideas to creating ideas.
  10. Will focus on who made the mistake to someone who figures out why mistakes happen.
  11. Will make a quick fix to a problem to someone who makes a temporary fix followed by an advanced plan.
  12. Will blame regulations and administrative things to someone who compromises, and looks for the simplest solution.

These things are indeed trivial and easy to obtain for most people, but what makes it memorable for me is that these things are very simple but it takes a long process to feel the change.

Well, there are still five more years with me here.