About Me

I’m Rengga Prakoso Nugroho, a dedicated researcher and educator deeply passionate about harnessing technology to revolutionize learning experiences. My journey began at State University of Malang, where I pursued a Bachelor of Education in Educational Technology and graduated with honors in August 2024. My undergraduate thesis, “Development of Learning Management System with Gamification Approach for Project-Based Learning,” reflects my commitment to blending innovative pedagogy with cutting-edge technology.

Throughout my academic tenure, I’ve immersed myself in various research endeavors and extracurricular pursuits. Guided by esteemed mentors like Dr. Yerry Soepriyanto and Dr. Agus Wedi, I’ve delved into areas such as gamification, learning management systems, and instructional models, exploring novel methods to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

Beyond the classroom, I’ve actively sought opportunities for growth and development, earning certifications in Microsoft technologies, cloud engineering, programming, and design thinking. These diverse skill sets empower me to tackle complex challenges in educational technology with creativity and resourcefulness.

My passion for driving positive change in education extends to practical projects aimed at improving accessibility and efficacy. I’ve spearheaded the development of web-based applications for managing educational technology exhibitions and curating open educational resource repositories, earning national recognition for my contributions.

My research and publications have garnered attention within the academic community, with several articles and datasets cited by scholars globally. I’m continuously expanding my research portfolio, exploring emerging trends and technologies to stay at the forefront of educational innovation.

Outside academia, I maintain a vibrant online presence, engaging with fellow educators and researchers on social media platforms. My goal is to foster a culture of lifelong learning and innovation, leveraging digital channels to inspire and empower others in the educational community.

In essence, I am Rengga Prakoso Nugroho—a dynamic researcher and educator committed to reshaping the future of education through technology. With a strong foundation in educational theory and practical expertise in technology integration, I’m poised to make meaningful contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of learning.